Six weeks and still going strong

Been a whirlwind of things happening (and to learn) at the new workplace and I’m still having a great time. Starting to work on some of the internal items I am looking forward to upgrading and refactoring. Starting with DNS and then will begin revisiting some of the other working systems. I’m also enjoying some of the systems that are […]

Example cost: Virtual Private Cloud (updated)

Back in September, 2009, I had written a post with a quick overview of what a private cloud (or infrastructure) looks like and some basic costs and information, including why it is a great product (I am biased). Since then, Dell has retired the PE2900III model server and items change, this is an update for the basic configuration. Reminder graphic: […]

Example cost: Virtual Private Cloud on VMware

In the last 6 months, I have helped multiple customers achieve their dream of a virtual machine environment built for them exclusively, but with abilities to control their virtual machine setup, configuration, turn up, tear down, etc.  These dedicated infrastructure environments are in the ipHouse data center. This isn’t ‘cloud computing’ as many people think of it (thanks to Amazon […]

ipHouse releases VMware based server services

Virtualization, one of the buzzwords flying around the Internet today, is a method of running separate servers (guests) with separate operating systems on shared physical hardware (the host).  I wrote a quick summary back in February, 2009 that should help give some context. Here at ipHouse, we have chosen to use VMware for our virtualization products.  We chose VMware because […]

Virtualization War II (VWII)

Oooh, the virtualization wars are reaching a new level, and with this new video from Microsoft we have reached a new level of marketing misdirection with some future capabilities included. The video focuses on 10 items that VMware says they have over Hyper-V…that are being refuted by the marketing and tech guy in the video. Right away the viewer is […]