Example cost: Virtual Private Cloud (updated)

Back in September, 2009, I had written a post with a quick overview of what a private cloud (or infrastructure) looks like and some basic costs and information, including why it is a great product (I am biased).

Since then, Dell has retired the PE2900III model server and items change, this is an update for the basic configuration.

Reminder graphic:

2 Servers, 1 firewall

So, originally, the physical servers were configured as:

  • Dell PE2900III (reasonably priced, very reliable, I have spares on the shelf)
  • 4 ethernet ports (2 built in, 2 port card installed, more can be added)
  • 2 73GB SAS drives mirrored together for booting VMware vSphere 4
  • 32GB RAM (48GB is max for this hardware platform)

New servers look like:

  • Dell PET610 (reasonable price, very reliable, spares to go onto the shelf)
  • 4 ethernet ports (all built in)
  • 2 80GB SATA drives mirrored together for booting VMware vSphere 4
  • 48GB RAM (192GB max available – very expensive)

The reason for the RAM change is that I am seeing a 2:1 (or higher) ratio of RAM to CPU usage in terms of percentage, and 48GB is a good place for this sized system. Also, the newer Xeon 55xx series processors uses RAM sticks in 3s instead of 2 or 4 at a time. 48GB is 12 4GB sticks of RAM. The newer 55xx series of processors also has working hyper-threading (or H/T) and I am seeing very nice performance on servers deployed using this processor family in our network.

Cost difference? The original posting listed had estimated the cost at $1,600.00 per month (see previous post), and I estimate this to be very close, inching up to approximately $1,700.00 per month, and this number should be high. (for accurate pricing, please contact ipHouse sales people, they can run up a quote based on real numbers)