Google Compute Engine – creating a DNS server

In under 10 minutes, I built a very small, authoritative DNS server. It is not large as it handles only about 80 domains and does not offer recursive services. This is the smallest instance available from Google: 1 vCPU core 600 MiB RAM 10 GiB persistent storage (boot disk) I estimate my price per month to run this dedicated DNS server at […]

How do our servers connect?

This morning we had an outage and while I did what I could to describe it via text, I can’t seem to come to grips with three unrelated issues occurring together creating so many pages. Why? Our network is segmented/separated by multiple physical segments and these unrelated incidents should not affect the other. This graphic representation isn’t necessarily 100% accurate […]

Storage benchmarking hardware list

So here I am in my office at ipHouse finishing up the last runs of benchmarking reviewing my posts I have already done for Tegile’s Zebi and Tintri T540 appliances. I still need to finish one for Nexsan but won’t have time until later this weekend to complete it.

As I am getting closer to posting the actual results I wanted to share the storage and testing configurations now instead of including all of this in the results posting.