Oh, I don’t know what to say about things in this page…

Is this the ‘about’ page? What do I write about that isn’t completely vain or arrogant?

I guess it is, so I guess I will be.

I started a consulting business called mtau that is starting to get some traction.

I am a smart guy who doesn’t have a very good inner filter. I like technology. Duh. But I really like servers, virtualization, cloud computing, the general idea of DevOps, automation, cigars, and sci-fi books.

I dislike religion, politics, and any closed-minded commentary.

My favorite spew:

None of this is rocket science, it is memorization and rote.
What sets us apart is our imagination.

I have said that for years to people interviewing for positions at different places I have worked, and still, today, I feel it is true. In fact I’d like to say I came up with that spew.

I do like Tesla vehicles. You can use my referral CODE to buy either a Model S or Model X and get free Supercharging, and special items for buying Tesla Solar products!

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