Fortigate Firmware 5.0 to 5.2.2 results in msg=”Denied by forward policy check (policy 0)”

tl;dr: If you do not want to read the details. The 5.2.2 firmware changes ALL service to Protocol Number 6. The solution is navigate to Policy & Objects > Objects > Services > ALL and change Protocol Number to 0 (zero) Testing out a FortiWiFi 30D for placement at customer’s homes.  Deployed our stock 5.0 configuration to the device and […]

Veeam 8 Error: Failed to open VDDK

If you don’t want to read the detail. To resolve the issue, remove the Basic / evaluation license from the vCenter Server License Manager and restart the VMware VirtualCenter Server service. Additional Information For more information about the VDDK Diagnostic Tool, see the VDDK documentation. I needed a better solution for backing up my VMware virtual machines. Everyone I talked to […]

OSX 10.9.2 vs Samba 4.x battle of the permissions

Did a fresh install of Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) and was excited to play with samba 4 (samba-4.1.6-Ubuntu). As a small workgroup/stand alone samba server I wanted new files to be 0664 and new directories to be 2775. That’s how the old server was configured and OS X Mavericks played great with samba-3.x Things worked as expected until I tried making […]

HP ProtectTools Security Manager vs Windows 8.1

Received a couple HP Folios (multiple models) all with Windows 8 installed. After slugging my way through the Metro interface I finally got things setup for an upgrade to Windows 8.1. To my delight  I received the following pop-up. What? This is a post on how to work through this issue to get Windows 8.1 working with the HP ProtectTools. […]

The hate that is SYSPRO and Windows 8.1

Quick answer? Just make sure you are running SYSPRO-v6.1-SP1.  The Details Customers are moving to Windows 8.1, so does SYSPRO 6.1 run  on Window 8.1? Initial GoogleFu says no. More disheartening news SYSPRO 7.0 Sneak Peak does not list Windows 8! Yet I see SYSPRO 7 (due for release in 2013 ???) has been designed with … improvements for Windows 8. And […]