Example cost: Virtual Private Cloud (updated)

Back in September, 2009, I had written a post with a quick overview of what a private cloud (or infrastructure) looks like and some basic costs and information, including why it is a great product (I am biased). Since then, Dell has retired the PE2900III model server and items change, this is an update for the basic configuration. Reminder graphic: […]

Example cost: Virtual Private Cloud on VMware

In the last 6 months, I have helped multiple customers achieve their dream of a virtual machine environment built for them exclusively, but with abilities to control their virtual machine setup, configuration, turn up, tear down, etc.  These dedicated infrastructure environments are in the ipHouse data center. This isn’t ‘cloud computing’ as many people think of it (thanks to Amazon […]

Prepping for VMware virtualization for customers

I chose Dell as my hardware platform, VMware for my host hypervisor, and I am starting with a 2 system ‘cluster’.  (I use the word ‘cluster’ not because they are clustered in a way that most people think of things, but in that they will share SAN LUNs for their storage allowing migration from one server to another.) Last week […]

Virtualization and the ISP (part 3.1)

Time for some power measurements! ESXi was the hypervisor involved in the tests. System installed, 4 virtuals powered on, but not doing anything: 2.2A @115V System installed, 4 virtuals being installed hitting the I/O system: 2.4A @115V System installed, 4 virtuals pushing 100% CPU each, no tuning: 2.6A @115V While the virtuals were pushing the high CPU load, they were also hitting […]

Virtualization and the ISP (part 2)

Ah, the dreaded part 2 of the series. I ordered my test system from Dell on Tuesday, September 30th, 2008, and the box shipped on Thursday, October 2nd, 2008. I am excitedly waiting for it. The box I ordered is to test out the I/O performance for the mail server virtualization, the config is: Quad Core Xeon E5420, 2.5Ghz, 2x6MB […]