How do our servers connect?

This morning we had an outage and while I did what I could to describe it via text, I can’t seem to come to grips with three unrelated issues occurring together creating so many pages. Why? Our network is segmented/separated by multiple physical segments and these unrelated incidents should not affect the other. This graphic representation isn’t necessarily 100% accurate […]

Outbound Email Spam is teh suck

No mispelling, just playing ‘new internet lingo’ game.  Did I win? Let’s get serious… This week, multiple customer accounts were breached.  Starting approximately 3 weeks ago, a phish was sent out that some of our customers responded to, giving out their account information. We looked through our mail logs and found the users who had been phished and we changed […]

Virtualization and the ISP (part 3.1)

Time for some power measurements! ESXi was the hypervisor involved in the tests. System installed, 4 virtuals powered on, but not doing anything: 2.2A @115V System installed, 4 virtuals being installed hitting the I/O system: 2.4A @115V System installed, 4 virtuals pushing 100% CPU each, no tuning: 2.6A @115V While the virtuals were pushing the high CPU load, they were also hitting […]