Shell service available

Been a long week and I had to deal with some red tape internally (of my own creation!), but finally have some working shell service to sell to people who want it.

I had posted last week about the issue(s) of shell services and decided that I would do the work to put this kind of service together as I have both the experience and gumption to do so. Even includes my smiley, happy-go-lucky support attitude!

So it is available and sales is ready to take the orders. I don’t expect a lot of people signing up for this, but it takes care of a sect of customers that still want to do things in a manner that isn’t web based, that isn’t all mouse driven.

I can relate to that!

  • Ubuntu Hardy
  • FreeBSD 8
  • emacs, vi, joe
  • mutt (no elm, no pine – all Maildir oh well)
  • procmail filtering
  • IMAP, POP3, SMTP, with SSL and STARTTLS goodness
  • reasonable and ample disk storage quota on our NetApp gear

Let the nerding begin!

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