Six weeks and still going strong

Been a whirlwind of things happening (and to learn) at the new workplace and I’m still having a great time. Starting to work on some of the internal items I am looking forward to upgrading and refactoring. Starting with DNS and then will begin revisiting some of the other working systems. I’m also enjoying some of the systems that are […]

Install of vCloud Director 1.5 fails to set up ESXi 4.1U1 hosts

According to the install documentation, VMware vSphere 4 ESX and ESXi 4.1 update 1 are supported. Install or upgrade to vCloud Director 1.5 will fail with the following error when trying to add the provider vDC: Could not retrieve state for sequence: seq_os This is easily fixed by editing the database table [os_id] and inserting the relevant information.

vCloud Director Cluster got you down?

vCloud Director – the VMware solution to building on-demand infrastructure for the enterprise and cloud computing…works. But there are some trials you must encounter and complete before things work smoothly. TL;DR: I failed at first but found the problem with the issue being firewall services blocking inter-cell communications. This post is about the log entry and how it isn’t very […]