Six weeks and still going strong

Been a whirlwind of things happening (and to learn) at the new workplace and I’m still having a great time.

Starting to work on some of the internal items I am looking forward to upgrading and refactoring. Starting with DNS and then will begin revisiting some of the other working systems. I’m also enjoying some of the systems that are already in place, like Secret Server.

There are some items I’d also like to add, like a local jabber server, and an on-the-fly WIKI system for taking care of jotting down of ideas (we have SharePoint for taking care of documentation).

We are adding some hardware to one of the VMware clusters and working through ideas (and plans soon) for new multi-tenancy virtualization (and sticking with vCloud Director). But keeping an eye on Microsoft’s Hyper-V and other open-source initiatives for future projects, the scene is always changing.

And that’s all!