First month: Atomic Data as DoNE

And that’s Director of Network Engineering for those that like acronyms that spell a real word!

First, let me say I have had a great 4 weeks. I’ve been confused, tired (different hours to get used to!) but everyone at Atomic has been patient with me throughout. There are high expectations of me and I plan on living up to them.

I’ve been quite busy, with a few bumps for me, as I get myself integrated into the groups. Diving in as the new manager of many of the technical groups means I have had to really listen to others to fully understand what there is already in place. Then I need to use such knowledge to help build a better, more sustainable and scalable, mousetrap. As I poked at Larry (the CTO) today: Let’s go for world domination too.

I’m walking in blind to the state of affairs and learning as I go. Jim, the CEO, laid a great foundation for me to tread on allowing me the ability to sit and listen more than direct and order so new into the integration phase. This has been absolutely sweet to deal with in terms of coming up to speed.

Soon, though, I need to spread my wings and start actually managing people while getting my hands dirty on internal items (I’m not on the billable track) as well as really working with the teams on planning and production. I have some ideas already; I just need to discuss them with the different teams after the holiday season and see what sticks.

I even have my name on the website and in lights (or just the PR notification)!

Over the next few weeks I’ll start blogging via the Atomic website as well for items of the business. Just look at the bottom of the website and click on ‘blog’.

Thank you, everyone at Atomic, for giving me this chance.

Here’s to my future!