Benchmarking storage results, part 1

Does it perform within the parameters set (see below)? Can I measure objectively? What changed parameters caused differences in expected output? Are all features included or must I make a compromise? Is it easy to manage? Can I expect someone else to manage this? Does it fit with my long-term goals? Can it scale with my needs? Is there anybody out there?

Storage benchmarking hardware list

So here I am in my office at ipHouse finishing up the last runs of benchmarking reviewing my posts I have already done for Tegile’s Zebi and Tintri T540 appliances. I still need to finish one for Nexsan but won’t have time until later this weekend to complete it.

As I am getting closer to posting the actual results I wanted to share the storage and testing configurations now instead of including all of this in the results posting.

Monitoring and measurement software, the search

While at VMworld 2011, I spent a lot of time at the expo (where companies were peddling their wares) looking for 2 items. Storage vendors who do things via NFS. Monitoring and measurement companies to help me consolidate the multiple pieces of software we run today. This post is about #2. I looked at a ton of software while at […]

Install of vCloud Director 1.5 fails to set up ESXi 4.1U1 hosts

According to the install documentation, VMware vSphere 4 ESX and ESXi 4.1 update 1 are supported. Install or upgrade to vCloud Director 1.5 will fail with the following error when trying to add the provider vDC: Could not retrieve state for sequence: seq_os This is easily fixed by editing the database table [os_id] and inserting the relevant information.