Oh sandbox, you need to grow

The buildup of our new sandbox for internal learning has run for a week and already we are running out of resources.

Five old Dell PE1430 with 2 4-core processors but they max out at 8 GiB of RAM. That’s 40 GiB total for 7-8 people. This is a little tight.

Digging through dead server storage(tm) I have found a few old PE1950 boxes with old school Xeon processors. Gonna see what I can harvest from other old servers in DSS(tm) and give these servers as much RAM as possible. And I’ll need to find ethernet ports as the sandbox requires 3 to fully operate.

Fun times! I am very excited to see my staff learning how VMware works, how vCloud Director does its thing, how all of this magic really is not all that difficult to digest. Hats off to you ipHouse employees!