How do our servers connect?

This morning we had an outage and while I did what I could to describe it via text, I can’t seem to come to grips with three unrelated issues occurring together creating so many pages. Why? Our network is segmented/separated by multiple physical segments and these unrelated incidents should not affect the other. This graphic representation isn’t necessarily 100% accurate […]

DNS MX vs IPv4 & IPv6

Yesterday – a very interesting issue cropped up… Another local provider had email warnings being generated that they could not connect to our frontend MX servers. The error itself was:

Which is not very clear for a reason email can not be delivered. I mean, my systems are working fine with IPv6 and we have native IPv6 connections occurring […]

Example cost: Virtual Private Cloud on VMware

In the last 6 months, I have helped multiple customers achieve their dream of a virtual machine environment built for them exclusively, but with abilities to control their virtual machine setup, configuration, turn up, tear down, etc. ¬†These dedicated infrastructure environments are in the ipHouse data center. This isn’t ‘cloud computing’ as many people think of it (thanks to Amazon […]