VXLAN and Juniper – the quick and dirty way

So,here I was having problems getting multicast working correctly and it was really driving me bonkers. Within the same host all was good (duh, VMware does local networking local of course), but between hosts was failing. The other host wasn’t seeing any traffic at all.

No good triggers to kick the mind into gear; google searches coming up with empty items or other blog posts about how VXLAN works with VMware and Juniper together.

Not an example in sight! The innerwebs failed me.

Then something clicked. I need igmp-snooping and while all VLANs were configured for such it just was not working as I needed it to. Something was wrong and I didn’t know what, so I experimented and now you can read the results.

So, did this:

and verified that the configuration was set to ‘vlan all’.

Typed the following:

Which then sets the following:

Then typed…

Walla! I have working multicast and VXLAN started to allow between host traffic!

To verify, I ran one of those ‘show’ commands that make me all warm and fuzzy on the inside when things are working: