Monitoring and measurement software, the search

While at VMworld 2011, I spent a lot of time at the expo (where companies were peddling their wares) looking for 2 items.

  1. Storage vendors who do things via NFS.
  2. Monitoring and measurement companies to help me consolidate the multiple pieces of software we run today.

This post is about #2.

I looked at a ton of software while at VMworld and more once I got back and I had fallen in love with LogicMonitor, found via a google search.

I also looked at a bunch of things once I got back, but LogicMonitor still keeps on winning on everything technical for us.

Understands things like VMware (vCenter and ESXi via SDK), SNMP devices (including device specific items like F5 extensions, Fortigate), measurement of data from Apache, MySQL (and I assume other databases), etc.

I’ll write more later, need to finish up my slightly extended beta test and work on the alerting function.

Check them out, so far so good.