Mac OS X Lion resizes windows

I’m not alone with this annoyance based on my few talks with other people and some internet findings.

Why does Lion keep resizing my horizontal window settings for It is driving me insane.

Here’s the deal – I have 6 windows in my default group and all of them are 80 columns wide and 36 lines tall.

Each time I boot up my system (which isn’t very often), my group launches with column widths of 82, 84, and sometimes 86 columns wide.

If I wanted them that wide, I would have set them that wide! But I don’t, I want an 80 column wide window. I have no interest in full screen mode nor wide-screen terminal emulation (which would be 132 columns).

This has occurred in Lion from 10.7 (release), 10.7.1 and in the betas for 10.7.2 (developer access).