Storage search reaching conclusion soon

I’ll be receiving evaluations later this month from from Tintri (VMstore T540) and Nexsan (E5100 series) to add to my current evaluation of Tegile (Zebi HA2100EP).

The box from Tegile I am using is the Zebi HA2100EP. (BTW: Tegile hit a blog today via Search Solid State Storage. Congrats Tegile!)

I’ll be posting more come March, 2012 as to my findings. This storage evaluation is primarily for our usage in our VMware vSphere clusters (see our vmForge virtual datacenter product) . Tegile and NetApp both also allow for fiber-channel connectivity and all but Tintri also support iSCSI. We have an aging Compellent SAN that we could consolidate depending on which storage I eventually choose.

In testing, I’ll be measuring I/O, I/O latency, normalized throughput (putting each system on a single 1 Gbps link), recovery time during failures (drives, controllers), and monitoring/measurement abilities.

Price matters as well but I will not share the final results as storage quotes are always customized. If I get ‘list’ pricing from all the vendors then I’ll post those to be fair. (update: I did post some ranges from my quotes in later posts)

I’ll make Screenshots and/or movies of the interfaces for those that want to see how it looks.

This is my last round of evaluations and I’ll be purchasing one of the above or NetApp.

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