Oracle, why do I need X to install?

This is just a rant and should never be read.

Need to install Orcale database services for some VMware updates dealing with their vCloud initiative.

So, need an RPM based system (CentOS, RHEL, SLES) to do so, okay, I can deal with that I guess.

But it also requires X11 to be installed to do the GUI install of a database server! WTF? Really? Why?

My hate flows heavily as this is completely silly. Servers do *NOT* need X11 to operate, in fact, I’d state that unless the server is an XDM system services provider, that any and all X11 programs and libs should be stripped.

Grr, and thanks for reading.

(and why VMware hasn’t migrated over to Microsoft SQL Server for this is just mind boggling)

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  • If you need to install Oracle more than once, consider researching response files for the Oracle Universal Installer.

    All of the bogus GUI stuff can be bypassed by supplying a proper response file to just about every OUI based installer.

    `./runInstaller -silent -responseFile `

    The DBAs hate it when they fall on a server with no Window Environment though…

  • Apparently, my angle brackets got eaten. You’ll need to feed the response file into the command line arguments given above.

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