Newegg – admits to being a purveyor of unsolicited email

Reference my previous article for background.

Today, Maverick (from Newegg) called me to confirm that the email address, that had never been published, has been removed from their systems.

He then went on after I stated it has never been published that all he has to go on is my word that I have never published that email address. Huh? Why would I lie? What do I have to gain?

Told him to use google – and he reponded that just because you can’t find it on google doesn’t mean anything.

Very short argument ensued – I asked where the unpublished email address was gotten from – he commented that he could not tell me.

I told him my thoughts – Newegg has decided that sending unsolicited email is okay, that I feel it is abusive.

He then started in on how the messages are CAN-SPAM compliant.

I don’t care! An email address that has never been published has received commercial, unsolicited email from your company!

How did it get there? Maverick has no idea or won’t tell me.

I commented on Newegg buying mailing lists to send unsolicited email against, I interrupted him when he tried to say something, said my summary of my feelings, said goodbye and hung up.

Newegg – you are fucking spammers, you got an address from somewhere whether you wish to tell me where you got it or not, you sent it unsolicited email. I took it as a mistake and unsubscribed, called into customer service to try to figure things out, and YOU SPAMMED IT AGAIN THE VERY NEXT DAY!

Slimy slimy company deserves to go under, too bad I won’t be able to convince the world of such.

Read the comments on my previous post – you can find Maverick’s email address and contact phone number. DO NOT ABUSE HIM, though perhaps he might want to hear other opinions from persons on the tubes.

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