VMware releases vSphere 4.0 Update 1

The crowd cheers!

Though that might just be me :)

I am very excited for this update and I hope that it goes as smoothly as other updates have gone.

I have already updated 2 non-production systems (both ESX) and I am in the process of updating some non-production ESXi servers.

One of the items I need to schedule is the update of the vCenter software – this will require an actual outage for customers who are managing their VMs through ipHouse.

I hope that this update fixes 2 problems I have seen in the past (from the vSphere Client point of view):

  • Inability for a datacenter administrator to view or clear host alerts and alarms from the hardware
  • Interesting permissions issues that end up being more restrictive than the topic states

Both of these have been difficult to work around.

The first one requires the customer to contact us to ‘reset’ their hardware sensors.

The second one has actually hampered one customer from controlling their VMware cluster because of issues dealing with datastore management and the ability to attach an ISO image to their newly created VMs.

One item that is really exciting is the raising of the number of vCPUs (virtual CPUs) per physical CPU core to 25 per. Since we are able to sell VMware based virtual servers to customers, the ability to scale this higher could mean higher savings long term. Be nice to update pricing to reflect these savings later as well, though don’t know if there will be enough right now.  At this point we really aren’t reaching the previous limit of 20 vCPU per pCPU.

Added support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 is also welcome as we were wanting to deploy this version of Windows for customers.

Full release notes can be found here and are worth reading if you are into the enterprise products from VMware.

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