New Mac Pro 2009

pics of my new shiny Mac Pro!

Decided it was time for an upgrade as running 3-4 VMs at once was getting to be a little … slow at times.

And having VMs eating processor and RAM while playing World of Warcraft?  For shame!  Work and play at the same time causes sumthin’ sumthin’…

New system has 12GB RAM and 2 4core 2.26Ghz Xeon processors (which have hyper-threading as well).

Here’s to another 3 years!

pr0n viewer fasties!
Cause with 8 processing cores for a workstation it is the same as a mainframe for home.
View from above seeing both cooling towers and 6 memory sticks
The motherboard with interconnection of fragile.
What is 6 x 2 totaling 2 banks of 3? Compensation!
*sniffle* - the innards were so pretty...