iPhone OS 3.0 not for everyone, with a battery…

OOoh, so I upgrade my 3G (and my wife’s 2G) to 3.0 yesterday.

And now we both have battery life issues with the battery draining quite quickly and charging is pretty lame as it charges but never gets full.

Others via the Apple forums are seeing the same thing.

I’ll be updating and adding to this post as I find more information, but as of right now, I am not a happy user of iPhone OS 3.0 on phones available today.

Update 1: Push notification issues with email accounts – one idea is to delete them and recreate from scratch as they are actually in an always on ‘state’ on the phone after upgrade.  Will try.

Update 2: Well, I did a complete wipe and reinstall, reinstalled my apps (and only set up 1Password), leaving the rest for later, phone was ~20% charge and left for the office.  Charged phone at the office and things seem to be okay right now, phone hasn’t been warm and it is still doing well on the battery.