When anti-spam companies … spam

Oh HO!  Look at what ended up in my mailbox today!

Now I know of a local ISP that uses this company for their anti-spam measures, but who would really use a company for their anti-spam service when they themselves send out unsolicited email (or spam as many people call it)?

It would be like purchasing anti-virus software that installs a trojan on your computer.  For your own good of course.

I do hope that whatever I get in the delivery from FedEx is cool and (re)usable in some fashion.  If I actually do receive something, which I am doubting…

Conspiracy Theory – maybe they collect email addresses from unsuspecting customers for later marketing to help them solve their problems with spam.  Of course, we all hope that this could never be true, and I really doubt it is.

This was marketed through Pinpointe – who defines spam as something that is not CAN-SPAM compliant.  As you can see in the screenshot I have included, this is CAN-SPAM compliant…wait, it isn’t.  The subject line is misleading – there isn’t a FedEx shipment number included.  Oops, guess this really is spam.  Good job Red Condor and Pinpointe.

For full disclosure – I have never asked for this company to email or market to me.

EDIT: Received my ‘FedEx’ package today.  In fact, I received 2 of them.  They were through the US Postal Service.  Not FedEx, not UPS, but general bulk USPS mail.  Presorted Standard US Postage Paid was stamped in the upper right hand corner of the 2 envelopes.  To add to the humor, it was addressed to me both as Mike and Michael (each), the voucher numbers were exactly the same on the cover sheet and the voucher itself.  So, if I were to order online and use the voucher number (can that be done at RC?  No idea), they just lost a marketing opportunity because there isn’t any uniqueness to their marketing output either.  Bad bad RC.

And now, for your viewing pleasure…click to enlarge!

Exact email message sent from Red Condor

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