Last updated: July 26th 2019 0615 hours central time

Any vehicle:
Overly expensive and super awesome Waxed Canvas Grocery Bag (I have many)

This Frunk Cooler fits any Tesla so far!

Cleanup wipes for interior that don’t stink nor leave any film. Not for glass. Great for white or cream interior and should be used every couple weeks to keep the jeans transfer off.

The best window and windshield cleaner I have ever used. Drive for hours getting covered in bugs, spray this on, give it 20 seconds, and wipe away the guts.

If you are looking for some storage bins, like if you are going to the track, then this is my suggestion: Clear, waterproof storage

Friend swears by this DOT4 Brake Fluid for the track. Compatible with the DOT3 fluid that is in your car today.

Any HW2 or above Tesla:
A 500 GiB SSD for Sentry Mode and Dash Cam. Instructions for set up.

Or 128GB thumb drive that’s a little cheaper and tested for hundreds of terabytes in my lab without failure. It works but if Tesla ever enables more than 4 cameras then this will be too slow.

Model 3 specific:
Center Console Tray are pretty cheap and are a great way to add some easily accessible yet organized storage for your change, sunglasses, etc. I have given away a few of these as part of my not-so-raffle-at-a-meet-up gifts.

License Plate holder by ThatGrin is great for those that wish to not use the OEM one that came with the car.