The hate that is SYSPRO and Windows 8.1

Quick answer? Just make sure you are running SYSPRO-v6.1-SP1.  The Details Customers are moving to Windows 8.1, so does SYSPRO 6.1 run  on Window 8.1? Initial GoogleFu says no. More disheartening news SYSPRO 7.0 Sneak Peak does not list Windows 8! Yet I see SYSPRO 7 (due for release in 2013 ???) has been designed with … improvements for Windows 8. And […]

SYSPRO6 Error when printing

Not sure what happened to the SYSPRO Support Zone but this is a very common error I run into when installing SYSPRO and I’m going to share it with all the other (unfortunate) geeks who have to administrate a SYSPRO installation. Client attempts to print and the dreaded error surfaces. Here’s the fix: Basically, replace the file in: C:\Program […]