iPhone 4 + FaceTime

Oh it is kind of cool. But a complete and utter waste of programming. Could be handy for showing someone what’s up with hardware by flipping to the back camera. Could be fun for phone #%* in a desperate moment…maybe. But it just isn’t natural to use. Positives? Video is amazing! Pause and resume when you do something else is […]

The new iPad hype

What’s the issue really? Oh noes, no camera? That’ll change I bet. No flash? Win in my book! No multitasking? Really, you wanna run more things, buy a computer. Now, the speculation about version 2 makes me laugh, but really, aren’t we at version 3? In my office common area, I have version 1, and I’ll include a picture. Back […]

Great customer service

It all starts with customer service. From there people will buy your <thing>. Today I talk about Apple. Last year I had a buzzing noise in my Mac Book Pro, read the support site, talked to the people on the phone, and finally brought it in.  Problem with the inverter and it needs to be replaced. Grr, I don’t want […]