Six weeks and still going strong

Been a whirlwind of things happening (and to learn) at the new workplace and I’m still having a great time. Starting to work on some of the internal items I am looking forward to upgrading and refactoring. Starting with DNS and then will begin revisiting some of the other working systems. I’m also enjoying some of the systems that are […]

How do our servers connect?

This morning we had an outage and while I did what I could to describe it via text, I can’t seem to come to grips with three unrelated issues occurring together creating so many pages. Why? Our network is segmented/separated by multiple physical segments and these unrelated incidents should not affect the other. This graphic representation isn’t necessarily 100% accurate […]

Storage benchmarking hardware list

So here I am in my office at ipHouse finishing up the last runs of benchmarking reviewing my posts I have already done for Tegile’s Zebi and Tintri T540 appliances. I still need to finish one for Nexsan but won’t have time until later this weekend to complete it.

As I am getting closer to posting the actual results I wanted to share the storage and testing configurations now instead of including all of this in the results posting.

Install of vCloud Director 1.5 fails to set up ESXi 4.1U1 hosts

According to the install documentation, VMware vSphere 4 ESX and ESXi 4.1 update 1 are supported. Install or upgrade to vCloud Director 1.5 will fail with the following error when trying to add the provider vDC: Could not retrieve state for sequence: seq_os This is easily fixed by editing the database table [os_id] and inserting the relevant information.