How to force Directory Synchronization for Office 365

Have several customers that moved to Office 365. I have them setup with their premise Active Directory server syncing to Office 365. I needed a way to force the synchronization. Google found this url for me but the directory path wasn’t right for my install. On Windows Server 2008 R2 Azure is installed at “C:\Program Files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync” […]

CrashPlanPRO_2010-03-08_Linux.tgz vs Linux-3.2.0

You are running the older release of Crashplan (CrashPlanPRO 2010-03-08) and you want to run the crashplan client headless on a newer distribution of Linux. The problem arises when the Linux kernel is 3.2.x or higher. The crashplan client on the linux box gives you this error: Exception in thread “W736065360_ScanWrkr” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.backup42.jna.inotify.InotifyManager at com.backup42.jna.inotify.JNAInotifyFileWatcherDriver.( at […]

SYSPRO6 Error when printing

Not sure what happened to the SYSPRO Support Zone but this is a very common error I run into when installing SYSPRO and I’m going to share it with all the other (unfortunate) geeks who have to administrate a SYSPRO installation. Client attempts to print and the dreaded error surfaces. Here’s the fix: Basically, replace the file in: C:\Program […]

Getting ckermit working with the Netapp console

Attempting to setup a NetApp 3070 from scratch. What does that mean “from scratch”? It means the NetApp doesn’t have Ontap installed and just continually reboots. You’ll see something like this on the console. WARNING: there do not appear to be any disks attached to the system. Check that disks have been assigned ownership to this system (ID 118044872) using […]