My Model Y Reveal Trip – page 3

You may want to read page 1 and page 2 ahead of this.

The event started late, as always, and ran about 30 minutes. The after party started but Elon was long gone and was not seen again for the rest of the evening.

White shell of a Model Y was on display:

I did a quick filming of someone elses test ride:

And there was a chocolate (some say black..) foam model for the wind tunnel engineering team:

And V2 vs V3 of the Supercharging stations (notice the thickness of the cables):

And if you like trucks..there is a semi truck!

And last.. Roadster 2.0 pan. It’s a little rough..


2330 hours
– leave for LAX


0030 hours
– Go through TSA before they close
– try to sleep on the floor; it was awful

0630 hours
– board United flight to DEN
0935 hours
– land in DEN

And then we were delayed

1307 hours
– board United flight to MSP
1649 hours
– land in MSP

And we are on the way home.

And finally.. the epilogue!