My Model Y Reveal Trip – page 1

Don’t know what this is? Start with the Model Y Reveal itself. It’s 35 minutes 54 seconds long. I am standing stage right against the rope so if you look closely you will see me in a couple of the camera pans at the corner of the stage and the ramp down to the floor.

So, let’s get started on the schedule of events that made this day work.

We were trying to fly cheap and trading time for money. Since it wasn’t really going to work out for us to work each day we were flying we decided that we would take cheaper flights with a layover taking longer to travel and save ourselves a couple hundred dollars. In the end this didn’t work out very well.


We could not pick our seats for our flight on Frontier Airlines and it was quite weird. I ended up calling in about 1230 hours and waiting on hold for about 40 minutes before I got an agent on the phone. Once she was on the phone I brought up the issue of the website and unable to get seating assignments from MSP to DEN. She then puts me on hold for a little while then returns to tell me that the flight was no longer available; canceled yesterday without notice because of an incoming storm in DEN.

I had booked our flights via Priceline as it was a few dollars cheaper than booking direct with each airline and with this information starts my phone call to Priceline to see what they could do.

Short-answer: Nothing at all but they got Frontier to refund the flight charges and it took almost 2 hours of phone time.

From here I race over to look at what flights are available directly with different airlines and found that American Airlines would have a flight that will get us there and would not double our trip costs.


0130 hours
– wake up
– shower
– grab backpack
0240 hours
– picked up by Jeremy and his wife

0505 hours
– board American Airlines flight to PHX
0635 hours
– land in PHX 10 minutes early
0720 hours
– board American Airlines flight to LAX
– delayed take off because of pattern in LAX
0859 hours
– land in LAX 8 minutes early

Even with our takeoff delayed we landed a bit earlier than expected in Las Angeles.

0940 hours
– we are on the grounds in Hawthorn, CA

We are walking around SpaceX facilities and taking pictures. We even got to see the brick tower for The Boring Company and watched while a crew maneuvered one of the drilling heads from vertical to a 45 degree angle. We stayed across the street, of course.

We walked around for about 90 minutes and decided to eat lunch at Eureka! at Hawthorn Municipal Airport. It was tasty and relaxing.

We then went walking more, eventually taking another Uber to visit with another Minnesotan who had made it to the event. We traveled to Manhattan Beach and hung out again for some time enjoying the beautiful weather and people watching. I also had my first Jamba Juice ever. I liked it.

Just before 1600 hours we left to head on back to the facilities riding with our most aggressive Uber driver ever. She got us there quickly using many side streets bypassing a ton of traffic. She earned her tip.

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