HP ProtectTools Security Manager vs Windows 8.1

Received a couple HP Folios (multiple models) all with Windows 8 installed. After slugging my way through the Metro interface I finally got things setup for an upgrade to Windows 8.1. To my delight  I received the following pop-up.

Pc130 int celadonsystems com

What? This is a post on how to work through this issue to get Windows 8.1 working with the HP ProtectTools.

HP if you are listening navigating your web sites suck. Searching them isn’t any better. After a couple searches using my GoogleFu I found this link. You’ll need navigate to Page 4 to find the gem posted by Futureperfect.



Download link:


Sadly the above worked on only a few of the systems. Here’s what I had to do for the other systems.

I had to uninstall the HP ProtectTools Security Manager, which made me uninstall

  • Face Recognition for HP ProtectTools
  • HP ProtectTools Device Access Manager

Then upgrade to Windows 8.1. Reboot, patch, reboot, …, etc.

Install sp63727.exe, patch the HP tools with its own patching process, and finally I have all the HP Folio’s working with Windows 8.1 and the HP ProtectTools.

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