nginx – conversion complete

Well that was anti-climatic! I really thought this would take more time or be a lot more complicated though in the end it was actually quite straightforward, and I am using fewer resources (my VMware lab just isn’t all that big).

Moving from Apache to nginx was very straight forward and took far less time than I originally had anticipated.

Now the why..

Jamie (@thingles on the twitters) sent me a link to something he had worked on for his Linode deployment and that was the last straw. I just had to convert.

Converting this blog system over took me less than 30 minutes (and possibly less than 15 minutes but I was reading posts on the tubes about nginx as well). I also converted my wife’s system from Apache to nginx as well since I was already in there doing other maintenance work anyway.

Simple sequence of commands (as root):

So, install (and stop) nginx and FPM, edit configuration files, start processes, and remove apache2 binaries from this Ubuntu LTS server.

The removal process does not remove the old configuration files but if you want to do that as well then run the following one liner as root (this has the added benefit of removing any left over configurations from previous installs as well):

Configurations still need to be edited so don’t forget!

FPM pool changes per site:

And my sample configuration is below but be mindful of the 192.168.110/24 addressing as that is my internal monitoring network to do fun things.

My nginx configuration file:

Now I just need to convert my kid’s blog server over.

Comments welcome!