Official launch of business: mtau

What does this mean to this site? Nothing at all! You may end up seeing some cross-pollination going on between the sites as I try to selflessly promote my business while also populating the new business blog site with excerpts and posts from here.

mtau is my new venture and splash into the field of consulting where I’ll be working with customers on their infrastructure from design and implementation to ongoing day-to-day monitoring and maintenance.

This morning I announced the launch of the business via the mtau blog site.

To quote:

After years of working in the service provider industry, I am taking the advice of friends and colleagues in the business to launch my consulting practice.

I have always enjoyed server administration and architecture throughout my 20+ years working in the service provider industry and the time has come for a refocusing of my energies away from what many consider as ISP related services (co-location, web hosting, connectivity) to more direct managed services.

Need something done? Hit me up via the mtau contact us page.