Continuing to play with Statamic

I had posted before about starting to really play with this software (Statamic).

I have since added another section about the books I read.

I love how easy it has been to create a small section listing out the books I have on my kindle (so far). I am taking a lot more time just getting things arranged than spending time getting things into Statamic, and it is much easier to do this than with WordPress since I can mix and match different ‘code’ styles concurrently.

As of today (6/15/2013), I have 195 books listed with 97 still unsorted. I am also excited to start on the dead tree editions (of which there are many hundreds to organize). I am linking back to Amazon which sometimes doesn’t load the book covers right away with either delays or failures to load sometimes. If it continues than I might just download the graphics and link them directly from my small server.

Once completed (this could take a while!) I will start to write my own reviews of what I have read. I hope others can find some pleasure and relaxation in this list.