Mac Pro vs Newegg special

Over at troll-haven Tech-Seeker, the author posted a completely incorrect comparison between buying a PC and a Mac Pro without any real apples to apples comparisons in the hardware. Besides the complete failure to match up the systems, the hardware chosen is woefully out of date. Apple hasn’t sold a 24″ display in a long time, nor are 512MB video cards being sold, yet the author posted this on June 11, 2011 (about a month ago).

The comments are filled with some of the best non-educated spew I have seen in many months. The hatred flows from both sides of the isles.

I came up with 2 configurations, one from Newegg (who I would never suggest buying from, they are spammers), one from the Apple Store.

The Newegg special is missing WiFi and Bluetooth because no combo cards are available and I could not even find any cards at all for WiFI that were not mini-PCIe. I would expect that I could find such for < $100 somewhere. This number is not included in the totals.

Also missing is a suite of programs like iLife from the Newegg special system, things like iPhoto, iDVD, iWeb (which no one uses thankfully), and iMovie come with a Mac. I do not know what should be purchased to compare so they were left out. iTunes is free and works on both platforms, and I know Windows comes with some kind of movie maker in Ultimate. Beyond that, I am ignorant. As before, no price was included in the totals.

Last item of difference – the Newegg special has some items with replacement warranties added in. The Mac comes with 1 year of hardware ‘walk in and get it fixed’ warranty (which can be extended to three years). There is nothing like that with the Newegg special system and only 3 of the items in the cart even had an option for faster hardware swap vs the standard RMA edition. ie: the Mac is a one stop repair with a trip to any brick and mortar Apple Store, with Newegg, you’ll do your own diagnosis, ship the part in at your expense, and if they determine it is bad, will ship you a replacement. This could take many days and could be refused if Newegg can not reproduce the issue. Or worse case – they force you to deal with the manufacturer directly.

PDFs included:

Newegg special from Newegg, July 15th, 2011

Mac Pro from the Apple Store, July 15th, 2011

Newegg special cost: $4,746.19 (with discounts, about $180 more without)

Mac Pro cost: $5,719.00

Opinion time: the ‘combo’ case I chose to go with the motherboard is ugly and full of plastic and ascetically is no where near as nice looking as the Mac Pro.

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