Newegg continues to spam

On December 8th, 2010, the employee spammed in the last post and a new employee were sent unsolicited email (spam) by Newegg. So now that’s 3 email addresses, and while I was a customer of Newegg in the past, I have never used my work email address with them, and the other 2 people recently spammed have never been a customer of Newegg ever.

Both users received the exact same message (minus the user-identifiable link modifications).

The user who had been spammed before had been assured after calling them that he had been removed from their mailing list, but obviously that was a lie.

I can not see any reason to do business with Newegg.

Sure, prices seem to be good and there are many good reviews of their shipping and response to RMA issues, but at what cost?

Personally, I will never shop with Newegg again and I encourage anyone reading this to stop purchasing from such an abusive company. They aren’t Internet friendly and seem to feel that they have some kind of right to invade your mailbox, whether you have dealt with them in the past ornot.

Bad company is bad. Just saying.

Horse: dead, too bad Newegg spam isn’t yet :(