Apache 1.3 – you were loved

So, across my RSS feed today, I saw a blurb…

Apache terminates ‘outated’ web server


I clicked the link and was sent off to The Register for their report on the issue.

Apache 1.3 was released in July, 1998 – 12 years ago, and still in operation today.

At ipHouse – we use 1.3 as the tried and true Apache webserver on our cluster. We’ve not had either issues or problems; and security updates are few and far between. I guess after 12 years no one cares anymore to hack such old code or something.

Goodbye Apache 1.3, we had a long relationship, but your sister is younger and better equipped for todays Internet. Don’t cry, we’ll remember you fondly.

Hello Apache 2.2 – we are look forward to a long relationship on our network behind our F5 load balancers.


Summary: Apache 1.3.42 is the final release according to the Apache Software Foundation. They recommend moving to Apache 2.2.14. Apache 2.0 will end once Apache 2.4 has been released, and finally, Apache 2.3.5 is in alpha stage.