VMware vSphere – 1 more day of waiting!

Tomorrow, May 21st, 2009, normal people around the world will get a chance to download VMware’s newest edition of their infrastructure  ‘cloud operating system’ products named vSphere.

I am very excited to see what this all entails.  I have read the documents, reviewed the upgrade steps and procedures, have read many a blog entry from those special enough to have early access.

What will it do for our infrastructure here at ipHouse?  That I don’t know.  The new Cisco Nexus 1000V stuff looks great, but initial reports of pricing push it out of our market space pretty quickly as what I have read so far show it to be over $10,000 per physical host.  I do hope I am wrong, but until I can get someone on the phone (or even email) from Cisco dealing with this software, I am marking it as unobtainium.

Until tomorrow…when maybe I won’t be so lame with my lack of content…